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January 01, 2020

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The 2015 Dive Vacation to Allegro Cozumel was so much fun, many divers returned with family and friends!

The Seaway Valley Divers travelled to Cuba in January 2015.  The group stayed at Allegro Cozumel.

A group of divers, friends and family went to Santiago de Cuba.  Great snorkeling, diving and fun out of the water as well.

A diver's dream...  or nightmare?  This event was held at the Conestoga in Cardinal, ON

We do our best to plan one Ice Dive each winter.

Our Dive Club does more than just dive together, we plan other events as well!

Each and every year, we host Scuba Diving Courses.  All trainees require open water certification; checkout dives are usually held at Centeen Park in Brockville, ON and the Conestoga in Cardinal, ON

Various Pig Roast event photos

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