Seaway Valley Divers’ charter dive schedule is now available, see attached.  There has been an increase in price from ABUCS.  Please note the new rate, new subsidy & a new discount of 20% for SVD members on ABUCS regular priced dive charters.


COVID-19 is still affecting all of us and each of us may have different concerns and levels of coping with COVID-19, its precautions and protocols so please review the following documents before signing up :


NOTE:  SVD must notify ABUCS 7 days prior to the charter with the number of divers.  Please keep this in mind if you want to sign up for a charter.  The charter bookings will be monitored to see if reassessment of charter bookings will be required


Enjoy and dive safe!

SVD 2021 Dive Sched ONLY, dated Apr 14,
2021 Dive Schedule
(Updated April 14th, 2021)
Cancellation Policy